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ABA Therapy




The ONLY centre in Ontario based solely on PRT treatment


Pivotal Response Treatment had such a profound impression on us,  we decided to give people what they were looking for: therapy that intrinsically involves caregivers. 


Pivotal Minds was born out of our passion for helping children and their families.  Involving caregivers provides the foundation for the gains we see in  these beautiful children.  We absolutely love what we do.  


We offer a variety of services. 

Our Early Language Acquisition Class continues to receive excellent reviews and fills up quickly.  Please see our services page for more information about our growing list of services.

Our new Social Competencies Program is incomparable for developing socialization skills!

We are also an approved OAP Provider.  We have a Clinical Supervisor at Pivotal Minds who meets the requirements of the Direct Funding Option for the Ontario Autism Program.  Book your child today!



Why wait months for an assessment?  Early identification and diagnosis provides you with the opportunity to access services more quickly.  

Early intervention is key to improving your child's developmental outcome.  Participating in an assessment earlier means access to services and therapy earlier, during a time when your child's brain is at a critical stage of development.

Our fees remain extremely affordable in an effort to reduce the financial burden on families seeking services.


Pivotal Minds ASD Treatment Centre was established to offer effective and affordable treatment options to children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We are passionate about improving children's development, allowing them to thrive, and enabling them to live a full and rewarding life.  We believe there is nothing better than watching a child grow and develop to their full potential and we are committed to providing outstanding quality services to reach that goal.  

Our Vision

To empower parents and caregivers with the skills needed to provide therapy to their children.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty, family-centred care and evidence-based treatment/therapy.

Our Mission Statement

To improve the developing outcomes of children with Autism through Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT).  We want to empower parents to provide therapy to their Autistic children.



37 Jacob Keffer  Pkwy,

Suite 302

Vaughan, ON   L4K 5N8

Tel: 905-553-1800

Fax:  905-303-4700

Thank-you for contacting us.  Please allow 2 business days for a response to your inquiry.

Please note this form is specifically for Pivotal Minds ASD Treatment Centre.  If you are a patient (or the caregiver of a patient)  of Pivotal Kids Clinic - please DO NOT fill out this form as it will not reach the medical office.  Instead, please visit for information about his email service, or call

905-303-4400  during regular business hours.

Success! Message received.


Planning to visit our clinic?  You will need to wear a mask!


As of Mar 21, 2022 the government of Ontario has lifted the mandatory wearing of masks in most public places.  This means that businesses do not need to enforce the wearing of masks by provincial regulation, but it allows businesses to choose whether visitors and patrons will be asked to wear masks.


After careful consideration, we have decided to continue requiring that all visitors (with limited exceptions) continue to wear masks when they visit the clinic.  We have chosen to continue the mask requirement in order to protect our most vulnerable patients, as well as our staff.


Who is a vulnerable patient?

  • Children under the age of 5 who cannot yet receive COVID vaccination, especially newborns who are much more susceptible to infections

  • Children with medical conditions that affect their immune systems (e.g. children receiving chemotherapy or taking medications that lower immunity)

  • Children with developmental conditions such as autism, who have difficulty maintaining social distancing


We recognize that everyone is tired of wearing masks and we also look forward to the day when they will no longer be required.  However, in the interest of creating the safest environment possible, we are going to continue requiring masks for the time being.  


Who does not have to wear a mask in the clinic?

  • Children under the age of two

  • Any individual who has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask.  Please note that medical conditions preventing mask wearing are exceedingly rare and we will require proof of the exemption, in the form of a letter from your physician.

If you choose not to abide by the mask requirement, we would be happy to schedule a virtual appointment instead.  For patients that disagree with our decision, please do not argue with our staff as they have been instructed to follow the policy strictly.  We will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour (either verbal or physical) towards the staff or physicians.  Individuals whose behaviour is deemed abusive will be asked to leave the clinic immediately and this may result in your family being discharged from the practice.

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