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ASD Diagnostic Assessments

Pivotal Minds provides diagnostic assessments to children suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorders.

These diagnostic assessments involve evaluation of your child by an interdisciplinary team, and include the use of standardized assessment tools such as the ADOS-2.  Families will receive a detailed written report that summarizes the team's findings, as well as the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and recommendations.  There is a fee for an interdisciplinary assessment.  Please contact our Executive Director to discuss your child's assessment needs.  

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why is there a fee for this assessment?

Our diagnostic team is lead by a physician whose services are covered by OHIP.  However, administration of standardized tools such as the ADOS, and the diagnostic assessments provided by the other members of our interdisciplinary team (Occupational Therapist and/or Speech and Language Pathologist) are not covered by OHIP. 

Can we see the physician only?

You can have your doctor send a referral for an initial consultation.  In some instances, the physician may be able to make a diagnosis of ASD.  However, this approach does not represent the gold standard for assessment, as outlined by experts in the field.  If the physician is not able to make a diagnosis after the initial consultation, your child would need referral to a regional diagnostic centre, which could create a delay in diagnosis.  

Are diagnostic assessments available free of charge?

Children can be referred to a regional diagnostic centre for publicly funded assessments.  In York Region, the Children's Treatment Network of Simcoe York provides excellent quality diagnostic assessments that are provided to York and Simcoe families through government funding.  Unfortunately, there is a significant wait list for these services.  If you wish to pursue a publicly funded assessment, please contact CTN at 1-866-377-0286.