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Cancellation Policy

Definition of a Cancellation
A cancellation is defined as cancelling a whole appointment or any portion of reserved time.  This includes making a substantive change (e.g. location where therapy will be delivered) to a scheduled appointment or reserved time without appropriate notice.  A cancellation fee will apply if notice is not provided 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment.

With sufficient notice, your reserved time-slots can be suspended for up to 4 consecutive weeks.  For example, if you have had a therapy time of 1:00-2:00 pm on Mondays (your preferred time) for the last four months, and you wish to take some time off from therapy, your preferred time slot will not be guaranteed should you be absent for more than 4 consecutive weeks.  Pivotal Minds will try to accommodate as best we can however, many clients are waitlisted and demand for some appointment times is high.  We try our very best to assist with these coveted times.

For scheduled programs that include follow-up therapy appointments, it is imperative to be consistent in attending your given scheduled time slots.  Should unforeseen circumstances occur, you may reschedule your follow-up therapy within two weeks of program completion.  Only two missed therapy sessions can be accommodated in this manner.  More than two missed sessions cannot be recuperated.  In order for PRT to be effective, the therapy sessions must follow the program’s instructional sessions.

When Your Child is Sick…
At Pivotal Minds, we understand that illness happens suddenly.  We ask that your child be free of fever, diarrhea, or vomiting for a minimum of 24 hours before our therapists can work with your child.  Since some of our clients are medically fragile, it is imperative that we take steps to minimize the risk of our therapists spreading illness.  This “illness-free” period applies to therapy that is delivered at our centre, or at your home/daycare/etc.  We will use discretion with respect to cancellation fees, in the event of unforeseen illness. 

Last Minute Changes…
If you request a last minute change (e.g. change in location) that requires extra travel time, or results in the therapist needing extra time to prepare for the therapy session; your appointed time slot may be affected and cannot be extended. 

For instance, if your child is scheduled for a “daycare” session, and you chose at the last minute to keep your child at home; this may result in extra travel or preparation time for your therapist.  Should the therapy session begin late because of this change, the session must still end at it’s originally scheduled time.  This allows our therapists to get to their next scheduled therapy appointment on time.  Furthermore, the safety of our therapists is a priority and we must know when/where they are at all times.  We ask that clients kindly try to adhere to their regular scheduled times and locations, with minimal changes. 

Why do we have a cancellation fee?
We value your time as well as the time of all of our clients.  To ensure that each child benefits from our therapists’ expertise, we try to allocate the right amount of time for each family.  We also try to serve as many families as possible and often, demand for our services exceeds our therapists’ availability.  Last minute cancellations result in potential therapy slots going unused by other clients.

When am I responsible for a cancellation fee?
When you cancel less than 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment.  A fee of $100.00 will apply. The cancellation of $100.00 can be waived under emergency circumstances.  An emergency is defined as hospitalization, urgent doctors visits, etc.  A doctor’s note or other proof of emergency will be required in order to waive the cancellation fee. 

By reading this page I agree to the cancellation policy set forth above.

I understand that the cancellation policy/fees is subject to change, and that the latest policies can be found on the Pivotal Minds website at for any information on cancellation, terms and conditions and privacy policies.



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