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What is Lactation Consulting?

A Lactation Consultant is a nurse who helps moms breastfeed when there are issues surrounding new baby feeding challenges.  

Lactation consulting can help with numerous issues such as poor milk supply, trouble getting to weight milestones, finding the right nursing position, baby falling asleep at your breast, baby refusing to breastfeed, breastfeeding that makes you feel drained, emotional and physical barriers to breastfeeding (such as postpartum depression), pain while breastfeeding, etc.  Additionally, lactation consultation can help with premature babies.

Regardless of the setback you may be experiencing, the Lactation Consultant can provide a personalized approach to help you.

Nursing Newborn
Baby's Grasp
How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Your baby should be hungry at the appointment.  It is helpful to be prepared by bringing your breastfeeding pillow, a bottle or anything else you require.  Additionally, you should be on time for your appointment as the session will end at the regularly scheduled time.

Our nurse specializes in 'Infant Feeding' which refers to introduction to solids, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

That will need to be a discussion between you and the nurse.  Typically, only one session is required, however some moms prefer to have 2-3.  You may book as many sessions as needed.

Mother Baby Bonding
Newborn Baby
Is Lactation Consulting Covered by Insurance?  

Kindly check with your insurance provider to see if this treatment option is covered.  

Pivotal Minds will issue you a receipt with the name and credentials of the Speech-Language Pathologist for reimbursement.

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