Applied Behaviour Analysis


Child at Psychologist
What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a theory based on the science of learning and behaviour.  Behaviour analysis helps us to understand how the principles of learning occur, how behaviour works and how it is affected by the environment.  ABA interventions are based on scientific evidence-based research with measurable outcomes.  ABA programs involve learning proper communication and language skills, social skills, self-care, play, motor skills, learning and academic skills.     

Child Model
How does ABA therapy work?

ABA treatment can be customized to meet the needs of each learner.  ABA can be used at any age to teach essential and purposeful social interactions improving the overall quality of life for not only the learner, but for the family as well.  Instruction plans break down skills into small chunks and steps.  The therapist teaches these steps one-by-one so that the learner can go from simple tasks to more complex tasks.  For instance, imitating single sounds to actually carrying a conversation).  A BCBA and therapist will measure progress.

Mother and a Child
Is ABA covered by insurance?  Is it funded?

Kindly check with your insurance provider to see if this treatment option is covered.  A funded model, you will be required to register with the Ontario Autism Program once your child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Customized programs at Pivotal Minds are $55 per hour.  A Behaviour Certified Board Analyst (BCBA) will determine the amount of hours required for your child upon an assessment that will determine their skills.  Caregivers are very much a part of the process in determining goals for their child.  

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Why choose Pivotal Minds for ABA?

Pivotal ​Minds has always been a strong proponent to supporting the involvement of caregivers.  All programs are designed with the caregivers involvement.  Research shows that when we expose our children to skills in different environments, the skills generalize better resulting in improved outcomes.  Therefore, having caregivers participate and continue activities at home improves many skills.  We value the parents at our centre and truly enjoy working with them!