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Where it started

Pivotal Response Treatment was developed by Drs. Robert & Lynn Koegel at the University of Santa Barbara in California.  As of 2017, the Koegel's have moved to Stanford University.  

What is Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)?

PRT is a behavioural treatment intervention based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  It is a naturalistic approach.  PRT's core design is based on a series of studies identifying important "pivotal" areas of development that affect a wide range of behaviours.  There are five pivotal areas that have been identified: Motivation, Self Initiations, Multiple Cues, Self Management and Empathy.

Why is it so special?

What makes PRT so incredibly unique is that treatment is a collaborative effort between therapists, caregivers and children.  PRT is designed to blend into your child's everyday life, and it is effective in your child's natural settings including home, daycare, and school.  PRT has emerged as one of the leading naturalistic ABA therapies, often leading to rapid gains that generalize to multiple environments.

Are you concerned about ASD?

If you feel your child is showing red flags (signs or behaviours associated with ASD), our treatment centre provides diagnostic assessments performed by an interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Cellupica, a physician with extensive experience in the field of ASD.

Please visit our Diagnostic Assessment page for further information.

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