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Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) 
​Pivotal Response Treatment® was developed by Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel at the Koegel Autism Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

PRT is a behavioural treatment intervention based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA).  It is a naturalistic approach, targeted for pre-school aged children.  PRT’s core design is based on a series of studies identifying important “pivotal” treatment components that affect a wide range of behaviours.  There are five pivotal areas that are studied:

1.  Motivation

2.  Self-Initiations

3.  Responsivity to multiple cues

4.  Self-Management

5.  Empathy (in progress)

What makes PRT so incredibly unique is that treatment is a collaborative effort between therapist(s), caregivers, and children.  It is a continual intervention involving all stakeholders, and occurring in various settings and environments.   As a result, the child(ren) will benefit from constant training, not just with a therapist alone – it is carried throughout their daily activities, with caregivers taking active participation.

Studies have shown that PRT is an incredibly effective and successful intervention program for children diagnosed with ASD.

Pivotal Minds ASD Treatment Centre is committed to providing exceptional training and therapy to families at an affordable rate.  

Not sure your child has ASD? Autism is a complex disorder. If you feel your child is showing symptoms or behaviours that may be associated with ASD, our treatment centre also provides diagnostic assessments performed by an interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Cellupica, a physician with extensive experience in the field of ASD.  Please visit our ASD Diagnostic Assessments page for more information.

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