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What is PRT Caregiver Coaching?

PRT therapy takes a parent-mediated approach.  As such, parents are part of the therapy sessions.  The child receives treatment and the parent will receive coaching on how to implement strategies for your child.

Sometimes bigger issues arise that parents would like to discuss.  Booking a PRT Caregiver Coaching session is for therapist + parent alone or for anyone the parent would like to participate (For example, other family members, a school teacher, etc.).  This will give parents time to appropriately discuss matters important to them which the therapist can help strategize for them.

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Is PRT Caregiver Coaching Open to Everyone?

You do not need to be a client to book the caregiver coaching.  Anyone looking for some PRT Parent Coaching can call.  However, if you are not a current client, we may need to take some time on the first session to establish some history and details about your child.  

How does Parent Coaching Work?

PRT caregiver coaching can be done virtually or in centre.  The sessions will consist of reviewing current struggles you are encountering with your child where the Instructor Therapist will provide you with PRT strategies and how to implement them.  

In PRT, we encourage anyone who is involved with your child participate practicing these strategies.  Consistency is key and it will help your child to better generalize these skills.

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Is PRT Caregiver Coaching Covered by Insurance?  Is it Funded?

Kindly check with your insurance provider to see if this treatment option is covered.  

If your child is diagnosed with Autism, you may be qualified for funding under the new Ontario Autism Program.  Any funds granted to families are given directly to the families.  Kindly check with the OAP for funding inquiries prior to starting treatment.  You can find more information under

Pivotal Minds will issue you a receipt with the name and credentials of the Speech-Language Pathologist for reimbursement.

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