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Pivotal Minds ASD Treatment Centre is a pioneer in Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) treatment for children with ASD in Ontario. Until now, there has been very limited access to the PRT model of therapy in Ontario.  PRT is a very direct and effective approach to treating children diagnosed with ASD.

We offer the following services:

1.  PRT Therapeutic Instruction Program - Introductory/Early Language

Offered over six weeks, this highly effective program will teach families how to use PRT to help their children.

Parent instruction is followed by direct therapy with the child.  A Senior Therapist, certified in PRT Training by the Koegel Autism Centre, University of California, leads our program.  The therapist instructs PRT at an introductory level and tailors the instruction to the child's skill level.  PRT treatment is a collaborative effort between therapists, caregivers and children. We develop individualized goals for each child.  Sessions are offered in the evenings to accommodate caregivers who work full-time.  

2.  PRT Therapeutic Instruction Program - Language Development & Extension of Communication    

Offered over six weeks, this highly effective program will teach families how to use PRT to help children with more language. Parent instruction is followed by direct therapy with the child.  This program focuses on understanding your child's communication deficits such as:

  • Understanding the constructs of language
  • ​Basics of grammar communication
  • Communication for social purposes
  • How to teach functions of grammar
  • How to extend language to diversify
  • Social conformity in communication
  • Idioms
  • Self Expressions (volunteering information about one's self to be included in conversation)

3.  Behaviour PRT Therapy

We offer behavioural therapy (weekly or more frequently) for children from 2 years to adolescence using PRT theory. The therapy can be delivered in home or at the centre.  Behavioural therapy targets various academic, social and behavioural needs.  We can work with children with dual diagnoses, as our therapists have a wide range of experience and knowledge.

4.  Behaviour Consultation

Consultations or meetings provided by the therapist to incorporate PRT strategies into your child's every day life. For example, our therapist(s) can consult with the appropriate individuals at your child's school to provide consistency in their learning experiences.

5.  PRT Parent Coaching

This type of therapy provides coaching from therapist to parents only. The therapist helps parents with behavioural issues they are experiencing with their child.

6.  Behavioural Support Plan - Basic

A support plan designed to include up to four maladaptive behaviours.  The support plan includes strategies and support that addresses specific behaviours.

7.  Behavioural Support Plan - Comprehensive

A full Behavioural Support Plan that includes strategies and support that address specific behaviours.

8.  Feeding Disorders - Feeding Intervention

​Feeding intervention will include a detailed assessment of your child’s feeding issues. Therapy will empower parents to deal with problematic feeding situations to help your baby or child to develop healthy feeding and eating pattern.  Caregivers will learn to implement a feeding program designed specifically for their child's needs.  Specific goals may include:

  • Increasing food intake to meet the caloric needs of the child
  • Expanding the variety of foods accepted
  • Decreasing refusal behaviours associated with feeding
  • Transitioning from tube dependency to oral feedings
  • Assisting with bottle feeding issues
  • Decreasing crying and tantrums at mealtimes
  • Facilitating intake of more challenging textures
  • Treating oral-motor delays (chewing, pocketing of food in cheeks)
  • Decreasing oral sensitivity (gagging, mouth stuffing)
  • Introducing spoon feedings
  • Promoting self-feeding
  • Transitioning to cup drinking  

9.  ASD Diagnostic Assessments
We offer interdisciplinary assessments for preschool and early school-aged children showing red flags for autism.  Please contact the Executive Director at 905.553.1800 for more information or visit our ASD Diagnostic Assessments
page for more information.

Stay tuned for more services to come!