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What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is treatment for delays in speaking, language, and swallowing. Therapy is delivered by a Speech-Language Pathologist or a Communicative Disorders Assistant, who is supervised by an SLP. Speech therapy helps with using the voice properly and using the muscles to make the right sounds. It helps people understand language and express themselves.  

Speech-Language Pathologists are regulated by the College of Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO), which ensures that clinicians meet high ethical and professional standards.

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Why Choose Pivotal Minds for Speech Therapy?

Our Speech-Language Pathologist has a wide range of experience working with children who have ASD as well as typically developing children.  She has worked in this field for many years alongside other professionals such as Doctors, Occupational Therapists, etc.  Speech Therapy is usually in half-hour sessions.  As speaking can be hard for some, we believe in having less stressful experiences by shortening the sessions.  Her kind and fun approach to therapy makes her exceptional at what she does.  Virtual visits are available in addition to in-centre sessions.   

How does Speech Therapy Work?

At Pivotal Minds, your first session with the Speech-Language Pathologist will consist of an assessment.  This session is one hour in length.  Based on the results of that assessment, the SLP will decide on the right course of action for your child.  

Our half hour speech therapy is fun.  Parents are welcome to attend or stay in the waiting room.  Our SLP will base therapy on the clinical findings of the assessment and use a friendly play-based approach with your child. 

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Is Speech Therapy Covered by Insurance?  Is it Funded?

Kindly check with your insurance provider to see if this treatment option is covered.  

If your child is diagnosed with Autism, you may be qualified for funding under the new Ontario Autism Program.  Any funds granted to families are given directly to the families.  Kindly check with the OAP for funding inquiries prior to starting treatment.  You can find more information under

Pivotal Minds will issue you a receipt with the name and credentials of the Speech-Language Pathologist for reimbursement.

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