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Pivotal Minds ASD Treatment Centre is passionate about improving children's development, allowing them to thrive and live full and rewarding lives.  We believe there is nothing better than watching a child grow and develop to their full potential and we are committed to providing outstanding quality services to achieve that goal. 


Our environment is clean, vibrant and inviting.  We are committed to inclusive work practices.  Our organization is successful because of every single person that is a part of Pivotal Minds.  Every individual contributes in meaningful and valuable ways that has helped us create the rewarding work environment we have today.  

Kindly consider the many advantages to working at Pivotal Minds below. 


Why work at Pivotal Minds?

Why choose Pivotal Minds?




We offer specialized training upon onboarding.  As Pivotal Minds offers more than one modality of treatment, our staff is required to undergo intensive training prior to taking on any clients.  We take immense pride in our training program and preparing individuals to join our teams.  We also have ongoing training to keep our staff motivated and engaged in lifelong learning.

We believe in supporting our staff and their professional development.  We encourage our staff to keep learning new skills  in order to succeed in the field of ABA.  As Pivotal Minds grows at an exponential rate, there are many opportunities to further your development in a variety of areas.

Our BCBA(s) are a wealth of knowledge and will help direct you and teach you new skills every day. 


They are also available to supervise those studying to become a BCBA or BCaBA. 


You may receive supervision to complete RBT certification as well.

We offer competitive rates that assist in retaining exceptionally talented individuals.  

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Is Pivotal Minds centre-based or home-based?

At the moment, we offer centre-based treatment.  In an effort to keep our communities safe from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we would not require staff to travel outside our centre.

What kind of hours can I work?

Applicants willing to work until early evenings (7:00 pm the latest) and Saturday's preferred.  However, if you work an evening, we will start your schedule later in the day.  Work hours are negotiable and will be discussed during the interview process.

Will I be supported in my role?

We believe in support!  As we have an Executive Director, a Medical Director, Supervising Therapist(s) and Clinical Supervisor(s) (BCBA) you will find yourself well supported.  We believe in an encouraging and happy environment.  All teams work collaboratively and well together.  If you are a team player, you will absolutely appreciate the inviting atmosphere.  We pride ourselves in being a fun, inspiring and innovative place to work.  Our ongoing training will also support you in your career development.

Will I receive training?

Training and career development are mandatory at Pivotal Minds.  Our extensive training is exceptional and must be completed before being awarded clients.  Our training is above and beyond the standard in our field.  





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