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Why choose Pivotal Minds?

Pivotal Minds ASD Treatment Centre offers a variety of exceptional services and programs that reflects the diversity of our families and the community.  Our approach is positive, friendly and inclusive.  We believe that working with the family unit is the best approach to success for your child.  

Each one of our caring and qualified ABA Instructor Therapists are PRT Certified, receive more in centre training than anywhere else and bring a wealth of experience.  

Pivotal Minds is an OAP approved provider.  Our programs are designed and supervised by our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs).

Please read snapshots of our services below.  Click on "More Info" for a detailed version of our specific services.

ASD Diagnostic Assessments

We offer interdisciplinary assessments for preschool and early school-aged children showing red flags for autism.  Please contact us at 905.553.1800 for more information or visit our ASD Diagnostic Assessment page.

Kids in Slide
PRT Behaviour Therapy

We offer behavioural therapy for children from 18 months to adolescence using Pivotal Response Treatment (an evidence-based form of Applied Behaviour Analysis).  ABA therapy targets various social, behavioural and academic needs.  PRT also includes parent coaching in treatment and is a collaborative process between therapists, caregivers and children.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE Our virtual sessions have been quite the success.  As our model incorporates parent coaching, this has proven to be the method of choice amongst many families.

Kid Jump
Introduction to PRT &
Early Language Acquisition

Kickstart treatment with this program!  Offered over 5 weeks, this highly popular and interactive program teaches families how to use PRT to help support their children.  PRT is a collaborative effort between (therapists) caregivers and children.  Classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate caregivers who work full-time or virtually for caregivers who are unable to attend in person.  *This is a very popular class and has limited enrolment in order to keep class sizes small and interactive.  Kindly enrol as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

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ABA Treatment

At Pivotal Minds, the ABA program follows a structured curriculum that focuses on increasing skills in social behaviour, language and communication, academic (or pre-academic) skills - all in a naturalistic setting.  Pivotal Minds is an approved OAP provider.  Our programs are designed and supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA).

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PRT Caregiver Coaching

These coaching sessions are for caregivers only and teach PRT strategies and techniques to help shift behaviours and evoke language, social skills, self-management, etc.  Perfect for parents who have questions or want to target specific behaviours outside of the treatment centre.  All sessions are led by one of our PRT Certified Instructor Therapists.  Virtual sessions available.

Ontario Autism Program

Pivotal Minds is an approved provider. 


Our skilled Clinical Supervisors (BCBAs) meet the requirements under the OAP guidelines.

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Social Competency Programs 
Pivotal Pals + Pivotal Kids!

A 5-week program designed to teach Pivotal Pals (ages 4 - 5 years) and Pivotal Kids (ages 5 - 6 years) how to think socially, share their thoughts and contribute to a group plan.

We also learn the difference between thoughts and feelings and how other friends may not share those same thoughts or feelings.

We teach these sessions in a small caring & sharing social environment led by our Speech-Language Pathologist and PRT Certified Instructor Therapist(s).

Little Chicklets Summer Camp

There's so much to do and friends to make!  

Our summer days together will be filled with fun games, athletics, crafts & arts-based programming.  Inclusive activities promote social interaction and motivates children to demonstrate their very own unique skills so that everyone can shine!

Our camp experience benefits children with a variety of communication and social developmental challenges using PRT strategies.  A diagnosis of ASD is not required.

Let's create lasting childhood memories for your little ones!

S.T.E.M. LEGO® Builders PRT Program

The Pivotal Minds S.T.E.M. LEGO® Builders Program is a fun and accessible social engagement group  for children of similar ages and abilities, using LEGO®-based activities to help them interact with peers, improve their self-esteem and develop problem solving skills by building towers, rockets and other cool projects together!


And the good news? Your child  does not need a diagnosis of Autism to join the program. Our unique LEGO® based Program benefits children with a variety of communication and social developmental challenges using PRT strategies. 

Ready Spaghetti
School Readiness Program

A fun ABA-based 4-month program that gets your little one ready for school!

Our outstanding approach integrates Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) skills into a smaller-sized class experience and fulfills the Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program requirements.  

Our PRT Certified Instructor Therapists are compassionate and qualified to promote both independence in our children while providing ample opportunities for social skill development.  

Parents are supported with helpful parent practices and additional guides to ensure that this big transition runs smoothly at home.

There is no other school readiness program that will prepare your child for elementary school like Ready Spaghetti!

"The best thing about our centre is the children who come here.  Their progress and their personalities just melt me."

Daniella Tarquini, Executive Director

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