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Where it all started

Pivotal Response Treatment was developed by Drs. Robert & Lynn Koegel at the University of Santa Barbara in California.  As of 2017, the Koegel's have moved to Stanford University.  

What is Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)?

PRT is a behavioural treatment intervention based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  It is a naturalistic approach.  PRT's core design is based on a series of studies identifying important "pivotal" areas of development that affect a wide range of behaviours.  There are five pivotal areas that have been identified: Motivation, Self Initiations, Multiple Cues, Self Management and Empathy.

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Teacher and Pupil
What makes PRT so special?

What makes PRT so incredibly unique is that treatment is a collaborative effort between therapists, caregivers and children.  PRT is designed to blend into your child's everyday life, and it is effective in your child's natural settings including home, daycare, and school.  PRT has emerged as one of the leading naturalistic ABA therapies, often leading to rapid gains that generalize to multiple environments.

Why choose PRT for your little one?

Although Pivotal Minds offers two different treatment options, we often feel PRT is an amazing choice for children ages 18 months - 6 years.  Of course, the Clinical Supervisor will recommend what treatment option will best support your child (along with your input), however in most cases we feel PRT is a perfect fit for this age group.  

Given that PRT is a more naturalistic therapy coupled with the fact that it's child-led; works wonders for these little ones.  At Pivotal Minds our goal is for treatment to be fun!  When your little one is choosing which toy or activity they want to do, they are motivated and want to participate!  Our Instructor Therapists are certified (or working towards certification) and are equipped with the right skills to use your child's motivation and turn into a positive learning experience!  Treatment feels fun and comfortable for your child.  Additionally, PRT can target more than one skill at a time.  If your child is showing development in more than one area, PRT will help guide this along.  What this equates to is quicker outcomes in most children (however, not guaranteed).  At Pivotal Minds, we have literally seen non-verbal children speak words in a matter of a few weeks.  

Becoming a part of your child's success is incredibly rewarding.  You are in session with the Instructor Therapist and your child.  Not only will the IT provide treatment; they will also provide coaching to the caregivers.  What this means is that you will take the skills you learn in session and implement them wherever you are with your child!  We often describe PRT as an alternative way of parenting.  You then use these techniques whether you are at home, in a restaurant, grocery shopping, anywhere.  The best part is that you implement PRT into your everyday life.  You do not always have to set aside hours to work on treatment.  Treatment can happen during bedtime routines, during bath time, while playing, anytime!

PRT was created for children with language delay, deficits in social communication and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  However, our clients use it on siblings and in every day life!  This approach to parenting is simplistic, positive and most of all fun.  

What does treatment look like?


Arrive on time (5 minutes before session).  The Instructor Therapist will come greet you in the waiting room.



Enter the therapy room.  The Instructor Therapist will have toys/activities that your child will like.  Your child gets to choose what they want to do.


The Instructor Therapist will begin working with your child.  You sit on the floor and engage with your child also.  The Instructor Therapist will coach you on what to do next with your child.

The best part is that you now have strategies and new skills to use at home or anywhere else!

For more information on our enrolment process, please click below

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