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Below are some tips we feel may be of benefit to our families.  For informational purposes only.  We welcome any suggestions you may want to contribute to this page.  We value your feedback.

Media Interview

Did you know you could contact your local MPP?  Let your voice be heard.  It is so important for families to have a voice in Ontario.  Please click the link below for a list of MPP's.

Entertainment Discounts

Did you know that more and more places are becoming Autism-friendly?  As this is an evolving thing, we advise you to contact any establishment prior to your visit to inquire about assistance or any pre-planning.   You would be surprised what's out there if you don't ask!  Please visit our Community Resources page for more information.

Ferris Wheel
Media Interview
Ontario Ministry of Education

Once your child becomes school-aged, keep yourself informed of your rights.  Book a meeting with your child's school prior to enrollment to discuss your child's needs.  For more information on The Ministry of Education, please click below.

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